About me

About me… It’s hard to say about myself, I think this should be answered by the others. It is true that some people do not see you in the same way, for some people you are cool and appreciated and unfortunately for others you are like nothing or even not so nice.

In my opinion I am just a normal guy, who has the luck to live great moments with marvelous people… I really like the way I am driving my life, because until now I did everything I wanted, and I have everything I ever wanted to have… but I know how hard is getting what you want, and how much effort you need to spend, that’s why I have (and everyone I guess) my moments when everything comes easy and my moments when I have to fight hard to get something.

I would never regret anything in my life, otherwise I would not be the way I am now. Some adjectives that can barely describe me are: intelligent, sincere, competitive, loyal, passionate,  self-confident, a bit shy, tender, sweet, thoughtful, generous, different, glad, happy, polite, true, cheap, smooth, useful, easy… I can say a lot of adjectives but the truth is that you should be the one who says about me!

Thanks everyone who is reading this blog for your support and encouragement!!

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